Seismic Bracing Verification

Please, verify the necessity of seismic bracing for MEP and HVAC non-structural components by selecting the Importance Category for your building.

*Importance Category:  


    *Closest listed city:  

*Soil class (use D if unknown)  

 Importance Category 

Use and Occupancy


  Post-disaster buildings are buildings that are essential to the provision of services in the

  event of a disaster, and include:

  • Hospitals, emergency treatment facilities and blood banks
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Power generating stations and electrical substations
  • Control centers for air, land and marine transportation
  • Public water treatment and storage facilities, and pumping stations
  • Sewage treatment facilities and buildings having critical national defence functions
  • Buildings of the following types, unless exempted from this designation by the authority having jurisdiction:
    • Emergency response facilities
    • Fire, rescue and police stations, and housing for vehicles, aircraft or boats used for such porpuses
    • Communications facilities, including radio and television stations

  Buildings which are likely to be used as post-disaster shelters, including buildings whose

  primary use is:

  • As an elementary, middle or secondary school
  • As a community center

  Manufacturing and storage facilities containing toxic, explosive or other hazardous substances in

  sufficient quantites to be dangerous to the public if released.


  Buildings that represent a low direct or indirect hazard to human life in the event of failure,


  • Low human-occupancy buildings, where it can be shown that collapse is not likely to cause injurie or other serious consequences
  • Minor storage buildings


  All buildings except those listed above.